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We support missionaries and various organizations all over the world whose purpose is to bring the hope of the gospel to people everywhere. Members are encouraged both to go and to support others by making a prayerful financial commitment. To read more about Faith Promise, visit the Christian Reformed World Mission website.

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Current Projects:

Dominican Republic

Stephen and Sandra Brauning, Christian Reformed World Missions
Email: [email protected]

Brauning Family at the wedding of one of their daughters

Serving as members of Christian Reformed World Missions Dominican Republic team since 1991, Steve is involved with ministries including church leadership development and training and Christian school development, and Sandra teaches at the International School of Santo Domingo.


Irene de Murillo, World Renew (formerly CRWRC)
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]

Irene de Murillo and daughter Chrysti

Irene serves as the Honduras Country Consultant for World Renew. She grew up in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, with her mother where she studied and earned a major in business administration. Before coming to CRWRC in 1995, Irene was employed by Diaconia Nacional (the social branch of the Christian Reformed Church of Honduras) for nine years. While there, she learned much about working in community development. Widowed in 2002, Irene has three children: Freddy, Lidia Irene and Nohemy Chrystibel. Both Lidia Irene and Freddy are married; Chrysti is in college and living at home with Irene.


Mark and Altia Letgers, Nation to Nation International
Email: [email protected]

Mark and Altia Letgers, and their two children

As a 4th generation missionary, and great grandson of L.L. Legters, co-founder of Wycliffe, Mark is no stranger to missions. He and his wife, Altia serve in Merida, Mexico, in southeastern Mexico, where their ministry includes three main areas. First, they pastor a young, growing church with about 100 members, mostly new Christians. They are also board members and teachers at a new Bible school that trains local pastors and church members with a two-year foundations curriculum, designed for students who have no church background. Finally, they provide services to the community in the form of business training, mentoring, and arts education with local schools. Their goal and heart’s desire is to equip local Christians to impact their own communities with the gospel through the testimony of their lives, their service and their love.


Tim and Wilma Palmer
Email: [email protected]

Tim and Wilma Palmer and their two children

Tim and Wilma Palmer have been missionaries with Christian Reformed World Missions (CRWM) for more than 25 years. Tim teaches theology at the Theological College of Northern Nigeria (TCNN). TCNN has 350 full-time students and 150 summer students. Most of the graduates of TCNN become pastors in Nigeria’s growing churches. A significant number of graduates are Bible teachers in seminaries, Bible schools and even in the Nigerian public schools, where Religious Knowledge (Christian or Muslim) is a required subject. Tim also writes textbooks. He just completed A Theology of the Old Testament. He is currently working on A Theology of the New Testament. Wilma works with the Mashiah Foundation, training women with AIDS sewing skills to help them sustain their lives. Their two children live in Iowa.

The CRC Nigerian team is the largest in the whole mission. They are focused on four main areas. First, they work with local churches, including the Church of Christ in the Sudan among the Tiv (NKST), with more than 500,000 regular attendees. The Christian Reformed Church of Nigeria (CRCN) has 70 congregations and 200,000 members. Missionaries also work with various people groups and provide leadership training. Another team works in eastern Kambari among the Avadi people concentrating on literacy, translation, agriculture, health and development, and evangelism.


José and Lisa Chambilla, Wycliffe Bible Translators
Laura, Sammy, and baby 'Ruthie' born in March
Email: [email protected]
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Jose and Lisa Chambilla and family

José and Lisa met on the mission field and were married June 24, 2006 in Lima, Peru.

After serving in various support roles for 15 years in Peru, Wycliffe asked the Chambillas to move to Dallas, Texas, in order to fill a crucial role in Computer Technical Support. Residing in Dallas is strategic to connect with other computer staff, and work with the many staff that pass through the Americas office. The impact of José’s help will now be greater than ever.

Many indigenous people are blessed each day as they hear the gospel in their own language. Thank you for being a part of this ministry.


Don and Mae Wunderink
Email: [email protected] or
Email: [email protected]

Wunderink Family

Don & Mae Wunderink have been serving in missions for 17 years. From 1995-2007, they served with Christian Reformed World Missions in Costa Rica, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic.

In 2008, the Lord called them to Lima, Peru, through SIM. Their ministry there focuses mainly on administration, hospitality, mentoring, and pastoral care. Don works in the SIM office as treasurer, bookkeeper, project coordinator, and office manager. Don and Mae together serve as team leaders for the 22 SIM missionaries working in Lima.

The Wunderinks have four boys: Alex (married and a junior at LeTourneau University in Texas); Lance (freshman at Dordt College); Calvin and Daniel (senior and sophomore at the International Christian School of Lima).


George and Sarah de Vuyst, Christian Reformed World Missions
Personal website:
Email: [email protected]

de Vuyst family

The DeVuysts have been serving with Christian Reformed World Missions in Ukraine since 1998. Presently they are in the states for a year. When they return to the mission field they will be moving to Kiev. Together with their partners, they are training church leaders in Ukraine’s post-Soviet, post-Christian, and post-atheist society in order to develop healthy churches so that the Kingdom of God transforms all areas of life and society. They envision a partnership with the Timothy Leadership Training Institute to be a critical step in shaping healthy, Christ-like leaders who can bring God’s Kingdom to restore broken lives, relationships, and society in post-communist Eastern Europe. George and his wife, Sarah, have three children – Abigail, Matthew and Elizabeth.


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